Liberal Education

Let it not be misconstrued that “liberal education” means “being a Democrat,” so as not to miss the point that it pertains to the philosophy of education that empowers individuals to deal w/complexity, diversity and change w/ a strong sense of values, ethics and civic engagement.

On the Circle of Privilege

Pernille Ripp

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We woke up to a flight delay.  Not the kind you want to have as we embarked on our 28-hour travel to Bangkok.  Not the kind you want when you already have only a few days to be somewhere. As the morning went on, it quickly became clear that we were not going to make our connecting flight, and numerous phone calls ensued.  Anxious minutes spent waiting to see whether Thailand was within our reach or not.

After 25 minutes of checking every airline, every combination, even surrounding airports, the verdict was in; no, we were not going to make it.  Not on time.  Not tomorrow, perhaps Thursday.  Flights oversold, not their fault, just how it is.  My heart sank, a trip of a lifetime had just turned into a 2-day excursion to the other side of the world.

And then something curious happened.  The representative noticed that we were…

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Meet Metis – Jupiter’s Closest, Quickest Moon

Processed raw image of Metis captured by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft in 1997. (NASA/JPL/Jason Major)

Everyone’s heard of Jupiter’s four most famous moons Europa, Io, Callisto, and Ganymede—we’ve known about them for over 400 years, thanks to Galileo—but giant Jupiter has many more moons than that. To date there are thought to be 69 natural satellites orbiting Jupiter. 53 are officially named, while 16 are awaiting further confirmation. So you’d be forgiven for not being immediately familiar with all of them…it’s a big Jovian family!

The little world seen above is one of Jupiter’s smaller and lesser-known satellites and it holds a particular distinction. It’s called Metis (pronounced like “meet” in the present tense, not “met” in the past) and it’s only about 37 miles across and 21 miles high. It is the closest moon to Jupiter, orbiting within the planet’s main ring (yes, Jupiter has rings) at a…

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IMG_8584Artist: MeresOne

IMG_8590Artist: Li-Hill

IMG_8597Artist: CERN

IMG_8596Walk into the blues…

IMG_8611Curb Your Ego

IMG_8621Artist: Adam Kiyoshi Fujita (Adamfu)

IMG_8622Artist: Gaia

IMG_8627Artist: Madvaillan (spelt correctly) from Hillside, Queens


IMG_8632Artist unknown. OCTOPUS. 

IMG_8646Artist: Ben Angotti

IMG_8650“There’s a safety in thinking in a diner. You can have your coffee or your milk shake, and you can go off into strange dark areas, and always come back to the safety of the diner.”
― David Lynch


IMG_8778Artist: Wiley

IMG_8781View from Williamsburg

IMG_8796Artist: Bisser Bisser

IMG_8779We all have to at some point…


IMG_8803“Creation” by James Bullough

IMG_8816Bee by JODO


IMG_8823On the left: Jorit Agoch. On the right: Carl Joseph Gabriel.


IMG_8853Collaboration between HowNosm and Tristan Eaton.


27798015_10160105995365128_3226499139259627_oArtist: ZED1 (Marco ZedOne) from Italy.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn 11feb18

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Tour of Hobbiton & Waitomo Glowworm Caves — Travel With Nano B.

While New Zealand’s South Island typically gets all the praise and glory, there is a lot to explore up in the north as well. We spent beautiful time discovering the city of Auckland, sampling wine on Waiheke Island, and hiking through the rain forest of Waitakere Range. Although, one place we were particularly anxious to […]

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7 Continents In 7 Years; How Did I Do It

Searching For Elsewhere

7-continents-in-7-yearsOverlooking the Florianopolis beach in Brazil, South America

“How do you manage to travel so f**king much??” people often ask me.

“I just work and save up for a few months, then fly out somewhere,” I answer. “With the exception being Antarctica, of course. Since I am no scientist, and since my set of skills as a writer/blogger/travel agent are in no great demand in Antarctica, no plane was ever going to take me there. So a cruise ship was my only option. But that’s a story for another time.”

They look at me like I’ve lost my mind. “Look, if you are looking for a mythical key to the world, then I’m sorry, but I gotta tell you; there is none!” I tell them. “The real key to travel is much simpler than that. Simple, yet one hell of a challenge.”
They still look at me like they haven’t a…

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