Send In The Clowns

Send In The Clowns – Stephen Sondheim (Cover) – Caleb Nelson


The Male Suicide Epidemic


The Psych Talk

Although women report higher rates of depression and suicidal thoughts, men are 4 times more likely to ‘succeed’ in committing suicide. Men also experience differing symptoms of depression compared to women. Men are more likely to feel angry and frustrated rather than sad.

Men are more likely to chose violent ways of attempting suicide which are likely to result in death. In the USA, men are much more likely to use a firearm to commit suicide whereas women are more likely to use poison or drug overdose. Factors that increase the likelihood of a suicide attempt in men include drug abuse, social isolation, trauma or other mental illness.

The reasons for the high rate of suicide in men could be due to men being expected to be tough which could result in them being less likely to ask for help. From a young age men are told not to express…

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How To Fight Cancer


Danny Gregory

The last few months have been wonderful for me. And simultaneously rather awful. But the awful stuff has inspired me, perhaps more than the good. That’s the nature of the creative process, isn’t it? To take the manure of life and use it to fuel new growth.

Pharmaceutical smorgasbord.

So many of my favorite artists turned adversity into raw material. Van Gogh was fueled by his isolation and mental illness into a turbo–charged creativity machine that cranked out another startling painting virtually every day. Frida Kahlo, whose body was crisscrossed with scars from polio and from being run over by a bus, turned her disabilities, her awful marriage, her abortions and miscarriages into the sources for her brilliant work. Hockney faced homophobia; Basquiat racism; Bacon, Goya, Picasso were all inspired by the terrors of war.

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